Sunday, October 14, 2012

Strategies to Engage Online Learners


  1. Hi Luke,
    How dod you make your organizer? I like it. How do you feel a teacher can be a guide as you mentioned? Only available if the students contact them or should the instructor send out individual emails occasionally just to see how things are going?
    Debbie Stripling

  2. Luke,
    The strategies that you have highlighted are definitely helpful in engaging the students. You have covered the foundation items like the detailed syllabus, discussions built on the objectives and frequent communication. Synchronous and asynchronous communications continue the engagement and motivation of the online student. I’m an advocate for PBL as a means for engaging the learner with the content and bringing understanding to the learning process. Your graphic organizer is detailed with positive, motivational strategies for engaging the online and face-to-face student.

  3. Luke,
    You graphic organizer is well thought out and covers all of the essential elements. In your oponion, would it be effective if all students within a class used the same blog type and had the blog more secure.
    Tim Jordan

  4. I agree with your these strategy for online learners and seeking for online courses.
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